Frequently asked questions have been compiled on this page. You are always welcome to ask our staff questions, but if you look here before you ask your question, perhaps you will find the answer sooner.

Q. Is it possible to work in a dual role?
A. Yes, it is possible.

Q. Are there any guidelines on drinking/smoking?
A. Yes. Smoking is prohibited during activity hours. Drinking is absolutely forbidden for minors. No chugging is allowed. Enjoy yourself in moderation and elegance.

Q. I am not confident in my English. Is it OK if I only participate in activities in Japanese?
A. Yes, you are welcome to participate only in Japanese activities. However, since you have just entered Sophia University, why not start from a simple place?

Q. Can I observe the activities?
A. Yes, you can.

Q. Can I participate even though I am from another university?
A. Yes, on request. Please email us with your university name, year, name, activities you are interested in and any experience you have.

Q. I have no experience in high school. Is this OK?
A. Yes, it is fine. More than half of our new recruits have no experience. Please come with confidence.

Q. What is the gender and faculty ratio?
A. It varies slightly from year to year. The male/female ratio is about 4:6.
There are XX people from the Faculty of Law, XX people from the Faculty of Economics, XX people from the Faculty of International Studies and XX people from other universities. We have about 20 members.

Q. How much are the club fees?
A. There is no admission fee, which is 6000 yen from April to September and 6000 yen from October to March. From October to March it is 6000 yen. Once paid, the club fee is non-refundable.

Q. Are there any other costs apart from the club fee?
A. Yes, there is a fee for each event. There may also be a separate fee for training camp events.

Q. Is the club officially recognised by Sophia University?
A. Yes, we are. As soon as the conditions are met, we will apply to become a “club”, so we use the name “Sophia University Speech Club” as our unofficial name.